104aDomestic dogs origin comes from wolves from which they inherited the need to be in motion. A walk is the most important time you spend with your dog. During this period, it is physically active, it uses its excess of energy and by exploring it learns about its surroundings. If you end up in forest, all its senses and its whole body will be active – it will explore, run and overcome natural obstacles. Along with that, it will benefit you too, since you would be on the move as well. Many think that a dog wants to go outside just to relieve itself which is why they tend to let them out in the yard or take a stroll around the building although the dog desires longer walks.
Even if you own a huge yard, this is not enough. You must go for a walk with it because even running across the yard cannot replace simulation of migration, or exploring the surroundings. It is not natural for a dog to stay trapped at one spot, and very often on a chain. This is, actually, a mild form of abuse.

When a cub turns three months old – with previous complete mandatory vaccination – going for a walk can begin; initially, they should be short and not far from a place where you live, and gradually making them longer and fartherer.